Andes region of Colombia The ACMUS-MIR datas set is a growing collection of annotated music from the Andes region of Colombia. The data set was compiled with the goal of supporting the different MIR task addressed in our project: meter extraction, instrumental format recognition, speech/music discrimination , and scale detection in music. For each of these tasks, a dedicated collection of music was compiled and annotated by musicologist in Colombia.

The ACMUS-MIR data set has been made publicly available for the wider research community as a Zenodo repositoryDOI

For a detailed description of the dataset, please refer to our DLfM 2019 publication. For information about the different versions of the ACMUS-MIR dataset, see the links below:

Rhtyhm Set

Bambuco - 6/8

Bambuco - 6/8

Bambuco - 6/8

Guabina - 3/4

Pasillo - 3/4

Instrumental Format Set

Solo tiple

Solo bandola

Solo guitar

Duet - tiple, guitar

Trio - bandola, tiple, guitar

Quartet - 2 bandolas, tiple, guitar

Quintet - 2 bandolas, tiple, guitar, bass

Large ensemble

Scale Set

Ab - Major - 4 instruments

Eb - Minor - 4 instruments

F - Major - 4 instruments

Bb - Major - 4 instruments

Eb - Minor - 4 instruments